The 2018 Bubbles Hackathon

Begins: 4:20 pm, 10 October 2018
Final presentations: 3:00 pm, 15 October 2018


sprezzatura, PageRank, and the recursive cool and Rules for Social Minds
Information Theory for Intelligent People and Bayesian Reasoning for Intelligent People
What Makes a Group Succeed? / Grading policy and expectations for the final presentation

Hackathon Groups

Survival of the Fittest: “Battle Royale” Trends in Video Game Communities
Emmet Mack and Joseph Perrino

How does popular music respond to major news events?
Jennifer Mayberger, Madailein Dubrosa, Ariana Rudina, Vivian Yan, and Hannah Koschmeder

An Interactive Experiment on Clickbait
Alona Beloussova and Dean Dijour

Jaywalking behaviors
Jennifer Yang, Arielle Spikes, and Joanne Lee

An analysis of company rebranding
Ryan Fitzpatrick and Cassidy Smith

Analyzing Human Behavior Through Air Passenger Traffic
Andrew Kim, Matthew Kim, Michael Zhu, and Zachary Sikov

Tweeting Through Treacherous Times: Twitter Analysis of Hurricanes in North America
Eileen Chen, Alexandra Yu, Katherine Diaz, and Alyssa Montgomery

Voting patterns and the youth bubble
John Kim, Adam Tunnard, and Connor Hayes

Is range all the rage? Inclusion within the beauty community
Sonia Del Rivo, Paige O'Riordan, Sara Petrie, and Andrea Chung

Company response to customer service requests and complaints on Twitter
Lorraine Zhang, Sasha Volodin, Elizabeth Wang, Bharath Prabhu, and Mahima Arya

A Personalized Analysis of a Social Media Extravaganza Over the Years
Karline Jung and Daniela Acacio

What are different factors that may influence trends on Twitter in three or more countries?
Natsuha Omori and Lauren Duan

Mukunth Arjunan and Rushik Ghandi