The 2017 Bubbles Hackathon

Begins: 2:50 pm, 12 October 2017
Final presentations: 1:30 pm, 17 October 2017


sprezzatura, PageRank, and the recursive cool and Rules for Social Minds
Information Theory for Intelligent People and Bayesian Reasoning for Intelligent People
What Makes a Group Succeed? / Grading policy and expectations for the final presentation

Hackathon Groups

How do groups of people in Harry Potter change over time?
Surya Singla, Sabrina Wang, Darryl Sun
[a.k.a., the Parseltongues]

What personality traits correlate with beliefs in conspiracy theories?
Kalyani Narayan, Sihan Dong, Jessica Jackson, Steven Guo
[a.k.a., Pasted Graphic]

Do Janet Yellen’s speech patterns impact financial markets?
Andy Ji, Chris Liu

The Evolution of Social Media Popularity: 2005—Present
Jaebin Park, Kristen Hofmann, Vrinda Gupta
[a.k.a., Dream Team]

Big Data: Big Ideas for Big Memes in /r/me_irl, /r/bonehurtingjuice & beyond
Connor Watts, Andrei Marculescu
[a.k.a., The Bigs]

United States of Kardashians
Nupur Maheshwari (Khloe), Mohona Sengupta (Kourtney), Cesar Neri (Kim), Aishwarya Guden (Kris)
[a.k.a., Group K]

How does popular music change over time? Spotify across national boundaries
Jessica Chang, Nawon Choi, Andrew Kim
[a.k.a., #+3@M]

Instagram Comments Analysis
Gino Pilato, Joie Feng, Ji Hwang, Annie Widom

Are sportscasters full of it? Information Cascades in Football Rankings
David Stone, Neil Desai
[a.k.a., Morty’s Mindblowers]

Do Trump’s Tweets Affect the Stock Market?
Nathan Belaye, Adiaya Bhandari, Kasdan Bakos
[a.k.a., “Gucci Gang”]

How many eras did the Beatles have?
Zac Ettensohn, Naveen Shanhar, Morgan Dively, Cori Sidell
[a.k.a., the Michael Scott Paper Company]

Trends in Television
Ahmed Abdeltawab, Matt Baek, Dylan Schwartz
[a.k.a., 419 Squad]