The 2014 LSSP Hackathon

Begins: 5:15 pm, 5 March 2014
Final presentations: 4 pm, 12 March 2014


Artemy Kolchinsky’s data-mining tools and iPython notebook examples
Information Theory for Intelligent People and Bayesian Reasoning for Intelligent People
What Makes a Group Succeed? / Grading policy and expectations for the final presentation

Hackathon Groups

(Participants listed reverse-alphabetically by last name)


Markov Flows over Bloomington’s Built Environment
Rachæl Fulper, Rion Correia, Alexander Barron

National Moods on the Global Stage
Ian Wood, Suyog Chandramouli, Tim Rubin*
* external collaborator


Empirical Studies of Strategy-Learning in Rock-Paper-Scissors
Matt Zelechowski, Nick Edwards, Teddy Cooley

Corruption as a Social Norm: Bribery and Human Development in India
[State-level Bribery data from]
Daniel Smedema, Robert Hawkins, Jonathan Hawkins

Markov Chain Dynamics of the NCAA to NBA Transition
Adam Johnson, William Z. Faith, Richard Conner

Crossing the Street
Comparative Studies of Pedestrian Strategies outside the Kelley, Jacobs, and Undergraduate Schools
Arryn Panagos, Ethan Jamrose, Michael Hejza, Brett Byron

Information and Signaling among Indiana Gas Stations
Josh Thomas, Jeff Miller, Michael Hudeck, Clark Gregerson