The 2016 LSSP Hackathon

Begins: 2:15 pm, 2 March 2016
Final presentations: 1 pm, 7 March 2016
Slides due to Ian: noon, 7 March 2016


Artemy Kolchinsky’s data-mining tools and iPython notebook examples
Information Theory for Intelligent People and Bayesian Reasoning for Intelligent People
Information Theory Cheat Sheet
What Makes a Group Succeed? / Final Hackathon Checklist

Hackathon Groups

Is Mainstream News Becoming More Like Clickbait?
Christopher Podlaski, Andrew Denta, Thomas Yoon
a.k.a., Dumbledore’s Army

A Computational Account of Book Burning
Bradi Heaberlin, Mark Shepherd
a.k.a., The Two Cools

BIRGing, CORFing, and Sports Tweeting
Ryan Einterz, Key Chung, Charlie Knotts
a.k.a., Team Sports Crusaders

Down the Wikipedia Rabbit Hole
Lucas Mitchell, Ben Nuthak, Will Bernacchi

Testing self-reports of ignorance about politics
Luke Thomas, David Cesaretti, Brandon Turner

The Role of Technology in College GPAs
Drew Karber, Brendon Bratcher, Troy Smith

Relationship between Marriage and Divorce Rates
Stephanie Barber, Yongtao Chu, Joseph Wheeler
a.k.a., Single people in science

Predictors of winning games in the IU Basketball Season
Drew Clayton, Stephanie Cotner, Chase Buckner, Lauren Feltner
a.k.a., Crimson Guard Data Diggers

How fair are the depictions of LGBT Characters in Marvel Comics?
Julie Rogers, Ellen Williamson Lakin, Katelin Corbin, Michelle Glozman
a.k.a., The Wonder Women

Over- and Under-exposure of News in Social Media
Samuel Blankenhorn, Kevin Kunkle, Drake Rozenboom
a.k.a., “Why didn’t I pay attention in stats?”