The latest version of THOTH is available here: thoth-v1.0.tar.gz.

You will need to install gsl, the GNU Scientific Library. If you do not have root access, and your sysadmin will not install it for you, you can install both gsl and THOTH in your home directory. gsl is used for high-quality random number generation (bootstrap code), for special functions (Wolpert and Wolf code), and for numerical integration (NSB code).

The README file contains detailed instructions on installation. Some samples are also in the online documentation.

THOTH is open source. If you use code from THOTH in your scientific work, we suggest you cite the relevant papers.

If you find a potential error in THOTH, or have suggestions for documentation, please let us know. THOTH was first released 13 May 2013; please check back often in the first few months for updates.