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(4/4) No class today, Monday. Next class Friday 8/4 at 17:00.

(1/4) Second class finished!

(21/3) First class finished! Next class on friday, Apr 1. 

Group selection - Michael Lachmann & Matina Donaldson

Group selection is the process that selects on properties of groups of individuals.


(Reading materials are also available at
\\heinbled\public on the bio network.)

The planned timetable:

Lecture 1: Basics of modeling selection
Lecture 2: "Classical" group selection models.
Lecture 3: Hamilton 75 & Maynard Smith's hay-stack model
Lecture 4: Price's equation
Lecture 5: Kin selection
Lecture 6: Spatial models

Lecture notes and exercises

Lecture 1: Basics of modeling selection using R
notes: pdf  TeXmacs
For next class, you could read chapter 1 from "Unto Others" by Sobber and Wilson.

More on R and TeXmacs can be read in the first lecture of the R-course

Lecture 2: Classic models: Haldane 1932
notes: pdf  TeXmacs
For next class, you should try to do the homework problem at the end of the TeXmacs notebook (no need to do it in R): what distributions do 18 altruists and 2 selfish individuals evolve to? 19,1? 17,3?