Picture of Joshua A. Grochow
Joshua A. Grochow
Assistant Professor
Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics
University of Colorado at Boulder
[first initial][last name]@colorado.edu
ECES 118E   (303) 735-7438   Fax: (303) 492-2844 (ATTN: me)
CS Theory @ CU Boulder
Complex Systems @ CU Boulder

We're hiring in quantum! Deadline Nov 15.

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Teaching Experience

University of Colorado—Boulder Santa Fe Institute University of Toronto The University of Chicago Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Students Supervised/Mentored

Undergraduate Researcher at CU Boulder Reed College Senior Thesis, external advisor, 2015-2016 Santa Fe Institute REU Program, 2015 and 2016 University of Toronto CSC 494 Project Course, Spring 2014 The University of Chicago Mathematics Department REU Program, 2008 (co-mentored with Thomas Church) The University of Chicago Mathematics Department Directed Reading Program (DRP), 2008