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A VOX eu column on Hayek here.

Interview by David Sloan Wilson about Hayek's economics and his politics here.

Getting Hayek's economic insights (along with Nash, Von Neumann and others) into Ec 10 here.

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The entire book is available here.

A Cultural-Institutional Market Failure (in honor of Duncan Foley) 2012.

Three's a Crowd: My Diner Party with Karl, Leon, and Maynard
A one act play in seven scenes. To celebrate the life and work of Tom Weisskopf, by Samuel Bowles

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On line appendix

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Supplementary online materials

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Current Anthropology Symposium (2010) on Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth and Inequality in Premodern Societies

Combined Papers

Intergenerational Wealth Transmission and the Dynamics of Inequality in Small-Scale Societies. Science October 30, 2009. [with M. Borgerhoff Mulder, T. Hertz, et al.]

Full Text
Press briefing: New Data on the Roots of Inequality Reveal Key Role of Wealth Inheritance

Did Warfare among Ancestral Hunter-Gatherer Groups Affect the Evolution of Human Social Behaviors. Science, 324, pp. 1293-98. (05 June 2009)

Full Text
Background for Journalists
Commentary - The Economist, Independent (UK), New Scientist, Wired, Nature News

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Full Text

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