Jung Kyoo Choi, Rajiv Sethi, Sam Bowles, and Suresh Naidu brainstorm about "A Natural history of inequality," February 2005.

Herbert Gintis and I have worked together since being asked by Martin Luther King Jr. to produce a series of background papers for the "Poor People's March" in 1968 (See my main research page).

Rajiv Sethi, Glenn Loury, and I are working on the problem of segregation and persistent group inequality.

Jung-Kyoo Choi and I work on the evolution of property rights and parochial altruism.

Willemien Kets and I work with Rajiv Sethi on the relationship between network structure and economic and social inequality.

Yongjin Park, Seung-yun Oh and I are trying to understand why Americans work so many hours, and Swedes so few, and how working time has evolved over the last century under the influence of Veblen effects (keeping up with the (rich) Jones) and conflict between employers and workers.

Suresh Naidu, Sung-Ha Hwang and I work on stochastic evolutionary game theoretic models of institutional innovation, persistence and transition (also known as social revolutions and stasis).

Sung Ha Hwang, Sandra Polania Reyes and I work on the relationship between social preferences and conventional economic incentives,  especially mechanism design when preferences depend on incentives.

Arjun Jayadev are working on the role of guard labor in the U.S. and other economies.

Robert Boyd, Herb Gintis and I work on the evolution of cooperation.

Monique Borgerhoff Mulder and I and a large team of anthropologists and economists study intergenerational transmission of wealth and  the dynamics of inequality in small scale societies.

Marianna Belloc and I explore how differences in institutions and cultures provide a basis for international specialization and trade and the effects of globalization of commodity and factor markets on the evolution of cultures and institutions.

With Stefany Moreno and Jon Wikins I study what one can learn from genetic differentiation among hunter gathers in the ethnographic record about the social structure of ancestral humans