video on institutions and inequality May 31, 2016.

The Origins and Future of Economic Inequality UMass Economics, February 5, 2016.

The Core economics curriculum project interview in Siena, September 2015.

Good incentives are no substitute for good citizens, Me Judice. Interview September 11, 2015.

The CORE economics curriculum project: history's hockey sticks 2014.

The Death 'Homo Economicus' with Marshall Auerback (20 minutes)

The Science Network Interview with Roger Bingham (61 minutes)

Report from Santa Fe with Loreen Mills, August 27, 2011, Video
A Cooperative Species

PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, March 24, 2011, Video (9 minutes)
Inequality in America

Lecture on Post-Walrasian Microeconomics at the annual meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Economics Association in  Medellin, Colombia, November 2010 (spanish version) with a comment by Ricardo Hausmann, President (LACEA)

Machiavelli's Mistake: Good incentives are no substitute for good citizens.
Castle Lecture Series, Yale University
Sam Bowles, January 2010

Note Lecture III is followed by with critiques and discussions by Professors Bryan Gersten (Political Science), Laurie Santos (Psychology), Phil Gorski (Sociology) and Chris Udry (Economics).

On the Edge with Max Keiser -- February 20, 2010 -- Interview on the past and future of inequality, intellectual property, and related
Part one
Part two

Bowles, Samuel. Born Poor? Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe, NM, February 3, 2010.

Debating Milton Friedman and Gary Becker on "Incentives, ownership, and capitalism".

Bowles interview with Paul Solomon on the impact of inequality

Jim Lehrer NewsHour on inequality in New Mexico

2008 Ulam Lectures -- A Cooperative Species - How We Got to Be Both Nasty and Nice

Kudunomics: Information and Property Rights in the Weightless Economy
(Harvard School of Law, November 2009)
(Video for computer or portable device (320x240))