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"It's not what you're like, it's what you like." -- Rob Gordon

Well, I'm not so sure this statement is very true (I sort of hope it isn't), but if it is, what follows is what I'm like.

Coffee Culture, Leipzig Germany, Feburary 2006

Photo by C. McTague

Official job or profession: physicist or hack mathematician.

Other activities that I might wish were my professions: musician, climber, photographer.

Various hobbies: fishing, canoeing, cooking, and soccer (fusball, football, futball).

I have a pet or two, although I don't live with either, and one isn't really mine. Anyway, my pets are Indiana my iguana who has been my faithful friend since 1998, and my mother and step-father have a wonderful poodle Chelsa.

I have called several places home over the last few years. Not too many that I don't have a connection to anywhere, but enough (diverse) places that my life has been interesting. Anyway, the current list of places is: Madison Wisconsin, USA (where I was born and raised; where I lived until I was 29 and were my family resides); Santa Fe New Mexico, USA (where I lived on and off for 4 years (26-30); Davis California, USA (where I lived right after I got my PhD, where my brother (and TC) live, and where I will live at least some time in my future); Leipzig (Saxony), Germany (where I spent my 30th and 31st years working at the MPI-MIS); finally, I have spent a lot of time in Chicago over the years, during my undergrad I was there every 2-3 weeks for a few days.

Folks who have had a big impact on my thinking and life: Albert Einstein, Henri Poincare, Clarance Darrow,Miles Davis, Steven Biko, Thich Naht Hanh, Alex Lowe, Oswald Avery, David Hume, Friz Freleng, and good old Abe Lincoln.

Idols (non-professional) I've been lucky enough to hang out with: Max Roach, Tony Williams, Desmond Tutu.

Other people's words that are very important to me.

I absolutely love coffee; in particular, espresso and Turkish coffee. For me, (and some of my very close friends), drinking coffee is a true ritual. Of course, living in Europe only strengthened this trend. (They sometimes say that a mathematician is a machine that turns paper and coffee into theorems; I don't prove many theorems, but I certainly drink a lot of coffee.)

I have been known to occasionally enjoy a bit of whiskey (one of my favorite traditional home remedies), and Scotch in particular. Usually such fine substances are enjoyed in the presence of my Dad and other close friends.

I of course like other assorted spirits, but truth be told, I don't drink them very often.

I am a comic book dork as my brother likes to say, but I am not a very good one. Also, Bugs Bunny is my hero.

I can be obsessed with baseball at times, especially in October.

I have been associated with rides (vehicles) with a fair amount of character...

I am a bit of a movie fan.

I am in love with books.

And, finally, I have dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysnomia, dyscalculia, and an attention deficit disorder.

Just for fun, here is a list of very odd assortment of facts I have accumulated accidentally, and a collection of very weird and wild bits of madness I have stumbled across or have had been introduced to via some of my more insane friends.