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I can be relatively difficult to track down and sometimes I end up traveling and moving a far amount. To try to aid in reaching me, below is a (relatively) current (I hope) schedule and contact information.

Bugs Bunny

I am currently living in Leipzig, Germany, and will be there until early February 2007.

Schedule (work only):

Chicago IL, USA: 5.17.06 - 5.22.06

Madison WI, USA: 5.22.06 - 5.29.06

Davis CA, USA: 6.18.06 - 7.4.06

Sapporo, Japan: 9.3.06 - 9.20.06

NYC, USA: 10.4.06 - 10.13.06

Madison WI, USA: Feb sometime

Davis CA, USA: 3.1.07 -

I can be reached at 608-469-3047 (my cell) pretty much anywhere in the lower 48 states. However, since I live in Germany, I never answer this phone. I do however have voice mail, but I basically never check it.

Telephone numbers in Leipzig: (+49)-(341)-9959-536 at the MPI-MIS; (+49)-(341)-6810-858 is my home number; I don't have an answering machine.

CONTACT IN GERMANY This is a brief write-up regarding how to contact me in Germany with instructions and international telephone information.

Current postal address is the MPI-MIS.

Addresses in the United States (=parents places): 8805 Settlers Road, Madison WI, 53717 and 7008 Companion Ln. Middleton WI, 53562

Non-Snail-mail: albers a cse dot ucdavis dot edu, or albers at santafe dot edu or albers at mis dot mpg dot de all go to the same place; d j albers at g mail dot com is the address I use when I am out on the road and can't shell in anyplace, I don't check it that often.

Hopefully this is sufficiently confusing.