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Music + Math Links

Connect Sounds - NASA

Get the Math - 

Good Vibrations: The Science of Sound – World Science Festival

Learn more about the RCA Theremin HERE

Mathematics Illuminated – Annenberg Learner   

Math-O-Vision Movie Contest Facebook Page

Music of the Quantum - ICAM

Music + Math Science Fair Ideas – Science Buddies

Science of Sound - National Park Service 

The Science of Music - Explorotorium Online Exhibit


Music + Math Articles 

 Jazz study shows link between music and language - Associated Press


Music + Math Activities

Fibonacci sequence in music

Frequency and Pitch

Graphing Pitch

Tuning Fork Experiment


Music + Math Videos

Click Track from our Symmetry Video to the Bach Fugue 

Bach, Ricercar a 6 (from The Musical Offering) - Stephen Malinowski 

Fun Science: Sound

J.S. Bach - Crab Canon on a Möbius Strip

Science of Sound [VIDEO]

Singing Stars - Nature Video

Sound Waves: "The Nature of Sound" 1948 Coronet Instructional Films 

What Was Up With Pythagoras? - Khan Academy 

Where Music Meet Science: Harmonies and Frequency 


Music + Math Audio

7 Bizarre Sounds From Outer Space - Cracked

Doctor Dread – Theremin in Dub

Hearing Pitch or Sound Frequencies – School for Champions 

Listen to 2,500-year-old music brought back to life – io9

Spooky Space Sounds – NASA 

Tuning In Space Noise For Sounds Of Life - NPR 


Music + Math Games

Changing Sounds Game – Science Kids  

Frequency and Pitch - Physclips  

Frequency and Pitch Game – NDT Resource Center

Instrument Games – Shynx Kids 

Interactive musical instrument modelled on the classic Moog theremin HERE

Learning Objects – Brian K. Shepard